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God Is The Answer Ministries

Pastor Joe & Bev Panzino
P.O. Box 601
Newfield, N.J. 08344

God Is The Answer Ministries 2010 Sermons

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If you have been blessed from listening to Pastor Joe Panzino's sermons, we would like to hear from you or maybe you have prayer request. If you would like to contact Pastor Joe Panzino for any reason, please send him an email at joepanzino@godistheanswerministries.com

Pastor Joe Panzino's Past Sermons Available On CD's
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01-03-10 Sermon "Overwhelmed"

01-10-10 Sermon "Happiness"

01-17-10 Sermon "The Violent Taketh By Force"

02-14-10 Sermon "We Shall Overcome"

02-21-10 Sermon "The Devil Is A Liar"

02-28-10 Sermon "I Believe In Miracles"

03-21-10 Sermon "Accountability"

03-28-10 Sermon "Nothing Much Has Changed - Palm Sunday"

04-04-10 Sermon "Resurrection Sunday"

04-18-10 Sermon "What Is Sin"

06-06-10 Sermon "Blessed Assurance"

06-13-10 Sermon "Can God Do This Thing"

06-20-10 Sermon "Father's Day"

06-27-10 Sermon "The Clock Is Ticking"

07-04-10 Sermon "Broken Faith"

07-11-10 Sermon "Hope"

07-18-10 Sermon "Another Jesus"

07-25-10 Sermon "It's Just Over The Horizon"

08-01-10 Sermon "Do This Ane Live"

08-08-10 Sermon "God's Rest"

08-15-10 Sermon "Do This For Me Saith The Lord"

08-22-10 Sermon "The Burden Bearer"

08-29-10 Sermon "Stay The Course"

09-05-10 Sermon "The Heart"

09-12-10 Sermon "From Faith To Faith"

09-19-10 Sermon "Why Praise God"

09-26-10 Sermon "Kingdom Of God"

10-30-10 Sermon "Two Kingdoms"

11-07-10 Sermon "God's Health Care Plan"

11-28-10 Sermon "Learning"

12-12-10 Sermon "From The Heart"

12-19-10 Sermon "True Love Born, Christmas Morn"

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Pastor Joe & Beverley Panzino


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